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Training Plus Experience

Thank you for stopping by my Digital Press Kit. The images on my site are all taken by me at some time along my travels except for the pictures of me which were mostly taken by other people.

I am very passionate about the craft of acting and I love to perform on stage as an actor and as a musician.


Working well with others.

The golden principle of teamwork.

I don't try to backseat direct when I am on set as an actor, and when I direct I enjoy the results of letting my actors develop their own characters and push their own limits.


Grateful For My Blessings

I tend to be ultimately forgiving of others and massively critical of my own self. But, I also try to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Every day is a gift. I was hit by a car twice as a teenager and also fell over 25 feet from a ladder when I was a house painter and my boss insisted we work in the rain. I know that I cannot take any day for granted.





Film Demo Reel - 60 Seconds



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