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William is quite possibly afflicted by his own Sagittarius nature and inability to stay in one place very long.

Luckily... you can always reach him by email or through his agency.

Of course... liking his Facebook Page would be quite the compliment... as it would be to give him a favorable rating on LinkedIn... and if you are on IMDB and have ever worked with William either in front of or behind the camera, please tell them what you think!

Agency Representation

All Paid Bookings Please Contact:

The Green Agency
2700 N. Miami Ave.
Loft 301
Miami, FL 33127
License #TA504

Agency Phone:
305 532 9225

Agency Fax:
305 532 9334

General questions and submissions:


Direct Contact For Student Films and/or projects for William not in front of the camera.


Phone: 615-491-4291



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