Paintings and Sketches.

"No great work of art is ever finished, only walked away from in frustration and disgust."    -  A Famous Artist

"Painting is, for me, an exercise in Zen where I can quiet the other thoughts of my brain and exist only in front of the canvas. I only wish I could make more time for it... but in my studio I generally end up picking up the guitar instead of the paintbrush and before I know it, hours have gone by and I'm out of free time."


Here's a little something I haven't been working on nearly enough...

Fire At Sunset


    Dancing In Blue 

"It's all the same thing, though... I've always loved the music and musicianship of Jerry Garcia and people have often said that he had the ability to paint landscapes with his guitar riffs. Jerry was quite a talented painter and designer... seriously... one of my all time heroes."


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